Wooden Wonderland 3D Puzzle

The colourful Wooden Wonderland Building Blocks Set of 16 is the creation of Lee Storm for Danish home, accessories and interiors’ brand HAY. In the Wooden Wonderland, Lee Storm helps HAY expand its exciting range into the creative world of young children. The apparent simplicity of the belies its charm and function. Produced from durable anise wood, the 16 blocks come in an appealing variety of colours and an unusual selection of shapes. The purpose is to tempt the young builder to take up the challenge and use the squares, triangles and rectangles to create their own towering constructions. Adults will appreciate the benefits the set offers to the improvement of a child’s fine and gross motor skills, not to mention the perseverance that may be necessary to turn ideas into three-dimensional reality. Sturdy, satisfyingly tactile to hold and available in a selection of colour schemes, this is a building set that promises much joy to a young owner.
Dimensions: Set of 16 wooden pieces in a box 18cm x 18cm
Material: Anise wood

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