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Julieta Alvarez

Julieta Alvarez with just 26 years of age, this restless and hard working Madrilenian already has her own studio and a promising future in the fashion world and other design-related sectors. She graduated in Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design IED in Madrid where she also carried out a masters degree in Textile Design and Surfaces. As soon as she completed her studies, Julieta began her professional career as assistant of fashion designer David Delfin. She later worked as manager of the fashion company Contijeras until she began working by herself to pursue her own personal creations. She presented her first pattern series, Animal Pleasure, at the Edition Festival for young creators in Madrid and in 2007 launched her fashion collection Pajaro (Bird) at the Ego showroom of the Cibeles Runway.

Julieta Alvarez's patterns are characterised by a thin and delicate line, a certain naive touch and a peculiar obsession for nature and animals with which she feels particularly committed to. The designer produces unique and numbered dresses, granting value to individuality and personality in a society where, in her eyes, only values chain production. Her artistic concerns have led her to work in other areas including home accessories, toys, theatre costumes, uniforms and corporate image for a number of different companies. She currently continues with her fashion studio and co-ordinates El Beso, a clothing store which also works as a multi- disciplinary space for exhibiting other designers as well as her own fashion pieces and promotes art and design exhibitions.