Koperti Kindergarten


This kindergarten is located in a 100-year-old building in Thessaloniki and has a capacity of around 200 children between 3 and 6 years old.

Our concept revolved around versatility and most of the furniture would be movable. This way, the space can be easily transformed  from teaching room, to playing space, and then to nap room. One basic need was plenty of storage for all equipment and toys. For this reason, we designed large, wall-to-wall cabinets with some shelves, so that they can be used as bookcases, too. Another challenge was to reuse part of the existing furniture, which was maintained properly and covered with a lacquered layer. Moreover, a new reception and a theatre on the top floor were constructed. The existing, laminate old floors were replaced with vinyl ones, suitable for kindergartens. As for the colors, we chose soft pastels with black details.

For the equipment, the Me Too series by Magis was ideal for this space and the age group of the children. The reception was embellished with the Magis Raviolo Chair, with its sculpt-like form  and comfortable seat. Plus, the Masters Chair by Kartell was preferred for the office and the reception, as it compliments nicely the color palette of the kindergarten and offers versatility and durability.

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