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Obra Measuring Jug

The Obra collection, inspired by the Spanish words for ‘deed’ and ‘action’, presents a range of kitchen tools with a clean and industrial aesthetic. Each item is crafted to be a perfect companion in your cooking routines. Characterised by brushed stainless steel and textured black handles that are elegantly connected with brass rivets, these utensils bring a touch of modern sophistication to any kitchen. The Obra Measurement Cup provides a reliable and visually appealing tool for all your cooking and baking measurements.

Weight: 0,5 kg
Dimensions: W 8.8 x D 5.2 x H 6.1 cm
Material: Stainless steel and leadfree brass
SKU: FRMLVNG-1104268860

25,00 inc. VAT 24%

Available upon Order in 30-45 Days

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