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Mila Chair Dark Green

Imagine you’re able to do in plastic what is impossible to do in wood. With the expertise of Magis as pioneers in gas injection-moulding, Jaime Hayon was able to make an expressive chair very rich in movement, based on the forms of Catalan modernism: elastic and dynamic. He created a truly elegant plastic chair, something to stand out on a saturated market. That was a challenge for him, as someone who normally uses materials with thousands of years of heritage such as wood, metal, and ceramic, to create his first product in plastic.

Weight: 5,5 kg
Dimensions: Height 84,5cm x Width 55cm x Depth 54cm x Seat Height 47cm
Material: Polypropylene with glass fibre added. Air-moulded. Silky touch finish (suitable for outdoor use).
SKU: MGS-SD2100-1556C

259,00 inc. VAT 24%

Available upon Order in 30-45 Days