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Explorer Cabinet XL 184 / Black – Yellow

The sinuous and elegant Explorer cabinet comes with space-age curves, functional storage and rich colours.Hayon wants furniture to fit in a home on a near-personal level. The smooth lines and playful colour are inspired by a conventional hot dog. This humour balances with the structure’s modularity, complimenting a room while remaining functional and visually unique. The Explorer cabinet is hand-finished with the same durable and elegant HIGH gloss lacquer used on pianos.The cabinet is detachable and can be easily transported, but its body stands out with an astral quality. It hovers over its wooden legs, simmering in colourful curves and a brilliant gloss. Its elegance is out of this world, nearly.

Weight: 173 kg
Dimensions: W 184 x D 50 x Η 147 cm
Material: MDF

17.086,00 inc. VAT 24%

Available upon Order in 30-45 Days

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