New Order Combination 205 3 Layers/Incl. 1 High Drawer/Light Grey (Floor Safety Bracket)

New Order Combination 205 comprises an open shelf space and a closed high drawer storage solution that can be added to the front or side of the structure, creating a uniform look that can be used for home or office solutions. The high drawer features a push-to-open mechanism and a soft close action which is integrated in the handle-free design for optimal functionality and efficiency. The aluminium grid is available in different colour options, with the possibility of adding panels, doors and drawers to customise the appearance and functionality, creating infinite combinations and applications.

Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions: W 100 x D 34 x H 74 cm
Material: Powder coated aluminium
SKU: HAY-AB650-A690-AH11-01UA

1.545,00 inc. VAT 24%

Available upon Order in 45-60 Days

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