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Bottle Rack Ranslucent

Bottle is a stackable bottle rack, and wasthe first in a long series of pieces designedby Jasper Morrison for Magis over the pasttwenty years. It has come to be one ofhis most famous icons (and is part of thepermanent collections of many museums) aswell as one of his most frequently copied.Four natural anodized aluminium tubes jointwo identical standard injection-mouldedpolypropylene panels with rounded corners,forming a module with a capacity for sixbottles. The piece is effectively a reworkingof the crates normally used to carry bottlesof mineral water or beer, but it is designed sothat the modules can be stacked vertically,even covering entire walls, or be usedsingularly as independent decor features,playing on the relationship between solidsand spaces.

Weight: 8 kg
Dimensions: W:22 , L:38 , H:25
Material: standard injection-moulded polypropylene, connecting tubes in natural anodized aluminium matt.
SKU: MGS-AC80 clear 2080 TL

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