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Muller van Severen Salt Mill

With these pepper and salt mills muller van severen once again shows that everyday tools don’t have to be purely functional nor seemingly invisible. the design duo reinterpreted the classic mill by reshaping the two basic parts of it — the head and the cylinder — into two perfectly geometrical forms: a sphere and a cube. notice that the classic proportions of the parts are altered: the sphere and the cube are of equal length (5cm). as a result of this small intervention the mill appears to be a sculpture rather than a functional tool. the sculptural quality is further accentuated by the shiny nickel plated finishing of the sphere. to add their typical playful touch, muller van severen chose two soft colors for the abs plastic cube, whisper white and yellow orange. apart from being beautiful objects, these mills function like every other.

Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: L: 4.6 cm, H: 9.9 cm
Material: ABS Plastic., Stainless Steel
SKU: VAL-V8018002

112,00 inc. VAT 24%

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