Qeeboo -

Rabbit Small Lamp With Rechargeable Led

Don’t worry, be hoppy! Designed by Stefano Giovanonni in a smaller version of the original, it can both be used as a light source and as a chair. Sit by leaning against the ears or on the opposite side or ride it and rest your forearms on its ears. The most authentic Qeeboo’s hat tricks! Wireless, with a rechargeable battery, LED light and 16 different interchangeable RGB colors.LIGHT SOURCE: 4W LED / LIGHT COLOR: 16 COLORS / LIGHT EMISSION: DIFFUSED / BATTERY AUTONOMY: 6HLIGHT: 16 COLORS LED / REMOTE

Weight: 2 kg
Dimensions: W 45 x L 26 x H 53 cm
Material: PE-Polyethylene
SKU: QB-90005LED

309,00 inc. VAT 24%

Available upon Order in 30-45 Days